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5 Reasons to Choose In-Home Physical Therapy

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Traditional physical therapy is an excellent tool in rehabilitation. That being said, there are distinct advantages to having a practitioner come to your home.

  1. After a major surgery or traumatic injury, in-home physical therapy can provide you with the same level of care as in-clinic therapy, but without the need to coordinate transportation and the risk of further pain or injury.

  2. It's covered by Medicare and even some insurances!

  3. Why learn how to do an activity in a clinic with their furniture when you could learn it in your own space? We can help you walk to your mailbox along your sidewalk, or transfer from a wheel chair to your bed.

  4. During your session we can identify challenges or hazards in your space and help you learn to navigate them.

  5. In-home physical therapy provides privacy and comfort in your own space - making it an all-around better experience!

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