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Helping your body and your home work better for you. 

At Home Partners, LLC

I want to aid you in achieving your goals for mobility and safety in and around your home. We will meet one on one in the comfort of your home to assess your needs and establish a plan to meet them. By making recommendations for home modifications, conducting fall risk assessments, and evaluating your strength, balance, and mobility, I will partner with you to stay in your home longer and accomplish daily tasks you’ve been missing. We all want or need accountability and ongoing support to accomplish our goals – that’s where At Home Partners, LLC comes in. Call today to schedule an appointment at your convenience!

About Me

Hi, my name is Debbie Gentry.

I’m a Physical Therapist with 30-plus years of experience. While I’ve practiced in many settings, including hospital, rehabilitation, outpatient, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, my passion and greatest experience has been in home health care. I have worked with folks in their homes for over 25 of those years, working with them to achieve their goals in the environments in which they live.

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